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The We Can Swim! Mission


       The core focus of We Can Swim! is to decrease the incidences of drowning among children who live in urban areas, particularly children who may not have easy access to swimming lessons. Partnered with USA Swimming's Make a Splash foundation, we offer quality swim lessons free of charge to children in the Philadelphia area. 

       The Center for Disease Control states that accidental drowning is the second leading cause of death in children under the age of 14, with over 70% of African American children, over 60% of Latino children, and over 40% of Caucasian children not possessing the skills required to be safe around the water.  Our goal is to make these elementary school aged children water safe to help decrease these horrifying statistics. 

       Our team of certified instructors is dedicated to make an impact in our community, and working with children is a calling for every one of our team members.  We aim to not only make children proficient in their swimming skills, but also to make them enjoy being in the water and learn to have fun while swimming.  Our personalized, structured yet fun lesson system accomplishes both of these goals.


       We are glad you are interested in joining us in making America water safe, and welcome to We Can Swim!

- The We Can Swim! Staff

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