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Waiver and Standards


Due to the large number of children we teach, we follow a very specific set of guidelines set forth by USA Swimming and their Make a Splash Foundation.  This includes liability insurance, lifeguard certifications, and a small child-instructor ratio.  If you would like a full explanation of the USA Swimming Make a Splash requirements, please click here.


Please note that all parents must agree to the waiver and release policies provided by the the Penn Office of Risk Management to participate in our program. In registering for our lessons online, your signature is implied on our waiver form. In order to stop any confusion or miscommunication, we will also have a hard copy of the waiver form on lesson day and parents will be asked to sign the form before their child starts lessons.  For a full length version of our waiver form, please click here. Please note that we are not responsible for any transportation to or from our lesson site.

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